Ricardo Rubinstein

About me

  • Psychoanalist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Full Member International Psychoanalytic Association
  • Training analyst of Argentine Psychoanalytic Association.
  • Founder and Director of Pilar Group from APA
  • Founder and Director of Sportmind
  • Professor in APA (Teaching Center in Psychoanalysis)
  • Professor in Sports and Psychoanalysis, in APA and in Sportmind     
  • Professor in several Hospitals and Universities giving classes of Psychopathology , Psychoanalytic Theory, Clinic, etc  
  • Training in Internal Medicine Residency  Hospital Ramos Mejia (2 years) 
  • Training in Psychopathology Residency, Hospital Pirovano (3 years) 
  • Training in Focused Therapies and specific psychopatology (5 years)
  • Training in theory and technique in Group Therapy (3 years)
  • Training in Family Therapy (2 years)
  • Training in Psychoanalysis and Neurosciences (3 years)
  • Training in Psychoanalysis and Episthemology (3 years)
Media notes (TV, Newspapers, etc)